Discover Your Inner Grump

At Grumpy Man Coffee Roasters, we do our own roasting in house. This ensures we have complete control over the quality of the beans and the roasting process.  Coffee roasting is a combination of art and science.  Applying heat to a green coffee bean is what extracts the delicious aromas, oils, and flavors. To achieve the best flavors in roasting coffees, each individual origin has a specific roast profile of time and heat to bring out the best of the coffee bean attributes.  We also have an espresso blend which we roast dark for a full-bodied stand-alone espresso, latte or cappuccino. Regardless of your tastes, we have a fresh roasted coffee that will exceed your expectations. 

If you haven’t tried fresh roasted coffee, you’ll be pleased by the taste difference from something stale that’s been on a store shelf for months. If you have had fresh roasted coffee, we welcome you to try ours and see the difference that our experience and roasting makes.

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